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University of Hawaii Professional Assembly

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Results - 2023 UH-Manoa Board of Director's Election

Turnout: 235 (16.4%) of 1429 electors voted in this ballot.

2023 UHPA BOD Election for UH-Manoa

Option Votes
Sarita Rai, Director of Study Abroad Center 146 (14.9%)
Ann Auman, Professor of Journalism Program 132 (13.5%)
John Casken, Associate Specialist in the Department of Nursing 131 (13.4%)
Daniel Port, Associate Professor in the Department of Information Technology Management 121 (12.3%)
Robert Paull, Professor & Researcher in Tropical Plant & Soil Sciences 120 (12.2%)
Rayna Tagalicod, Assistant Specialist in the Office of Global Engagement 100 (10.2%)
Susanne Still, Professor of Physics and Astronomy 96 (9.8%)
Lang Wu, Assistant Researcher in the University of Hawaii Cancer Center 75 (7.6%)
Meredith White, Assistant Professor of the School of Architecture 60 (6.1%)

Total 235

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